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The True Dorks of Theatre [entries|friends|calendar]
For the REAL dorks of theatre.

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Application [02 Aug 2009|10:59pm]


<lj-cut text="I'm such a theatre dork">
<FONT size=3>General Info</FONT>
<b>Name:</b> Lauren
<b>Age:</b> 15 ...and a half.

<FONT size=3>Favorites</FONT>
<b>Musical:</b> Wicked, not to be cliche. My second favorite is The Wedding Singer :D
<b>Play:</b> ...Not a fan of straight plays, sorry.
<b>Musical Movie:</b> Mamma Mia, The Sound of Music or Rent. Theatre is my love, and those movies are all incredible.
<b>Playwrite:</b> Again, not a play fan, sorry.
<b>Broadway Star:</b> Sutton Foster.

<FONT size=3>Just Checking</FONT>
<b>List your favorite 10 musicals/plays.</b> Wicked, The Wedding Singer, Billy Elliot, Mamma Mia, Legally Blonde, Spamalot, Rent, Shrek, Little Shop of Horrors, Grease.
<b>What broadway shows have you seen?</b> Oh geeze. The top ones above, plus Next to Normal, Rock of Ages, Guys & Dolls, West Side Story, Gypsy, A Tale of Two Cities, The Little Mermaid, In The Heights, Young Frankenstein, Xanadu, Chicago, Mary Poppins, Movin' Out, The Drowsy Chaperone, The 25th Annual Putnam Country Spelling Bee, The Producers, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Beauty & the Beast and Hairspray.
<b>What plays/musicals have you been in?</b> Only Children of Eden :'(

<FONT size=3>Other</FONT>
<b>3 promotion links</b> Sorry? . . .
<b>Pictures (optional)</b> See my icon...I can't link pictures.

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[30 Jun 2007|01:11am]

I'm such a theatre dorkCollapse )
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Theatre District Shopping? [23 Jun 2007|06:11pm]

Hi everyone! I remember a post a while back where someone mentioned a Broadway memorabilia shop in New York that sells tons of old shirts, posters, rare stuff, etc. (Of course there are probably tons of those...)I remember there was a link to their website, but I can't remember the name other than it was pretty obscure. I'm going up to Manhattan in 2 weeks and I'm dying to raid this shop, so if anyone remembers this post or knows the shop I'm talking about...help?

Thanks muchly :)

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[12 Jun 2007|01:45am]

hey guys =]

i was having a really hard time finding songs on limewire from alot of broadway shows, and i was wondering if you guys had any good sites to get free downloads or a way to file transfer me music..

lately, ive been looking for legally blonde the musical, tarzan, the unauthorized biography of samantha brown (off-broadway) and a few other shows.. does anyone know how i can find this music?

also, if you can't answer that question, ive got another.. for a district competition, i need a small group song, (usually 3-5 people) that's from a pretty underground show, it's gotta be a real show, but something that's not very common or commonly heard. thanks so much!! 

btw, "Title of Show," "Baby," "Edit: Undo" are some underground shows to give you guys an idea of what i meant!

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help [16 May 2007|02:51pm]

im auditioning for Oklahoma! this saturday and i need help.

for my song i am doing "falling in love is wonderful" from Annie get your gun.

and i need a monolouge.

i want the part of laurie.


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New shows on Broadway [28 Feb 2007|05:00pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Movie Musicals on Stage

For years this is the way it went: Book begat Stage Play begat Movie begat Stage Musical begat Movie Musical. With the occasional skip in the chain and the misguided Television series here and there, that was the way of the world. Disney has shot that formula in the head more times than once in recent history, and continues to do so. But, there have also been a number of movies that made their way back to the boards as a musical.The most recent is a musical based on the movies of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. According to syndicated columnist Liz Smith, "Dancing the Night Away" is being mounted on London's West End before heading to Broadway. Smith quotes choreographer Gillian Lynne as saying, "There is something fantastic about a man and a woman dancing close. I am sick of street dancing and hip-hop . . . We want to give audiences escapism and magic and take the electrifying charge of dance to new heights." Meanwhile, other reverses in the movie-musical chain were announced. While Mel Brooks' "The Producers"will close at the St. James Theatre on April 22 after six years, it will be replaced by the stage version of another Brooks movie, "Young Frankenstein." Plus FoxNews.com's Roger Friedman reported that a big-budget musical based on "Gone With the Wind" is set for the London stage in 2008.
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[22 Jan 2007|05:39pm]

<center><a href="http://community.livejournal.com/over_ourheads/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i143/babyswitchblade/over1.jpg" border="0" alt="over_ourheads"></a><br><lj user= over_ourheads></center>
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[13 Jan 2007|10:35pm]

does anyone have the karaoke to youre the top from anything goes, or knows where i can find it. i am desperate.

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Hamlet [23 Dec 2006|01:12am]

I'm playing Hamlet in Hamlet, Act 5 Scene 2... eek!!!

I'm a girl. This could be interesting.
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Ooh hey, my background's still up here... [20 Dec 2006|09:28pm]

My school put on Twelfth Night a few weeks ago. It was set in the 1960s and so much fun to do. I actually had a part in the play! (a non-speaking part, but still a part :D I got to blow bubbles and pass out flowers haha.)

Pictures!Collapse )
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help [16 Dec 2006|02:18pm]

i need the last five years song "a summer in ohio" karaoke.

please please please.

thank you
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Les Miserables [14 Dec 2006|07:09pm]

Hello! I'm doing a project that involves fans recording the whole of Les Miserables in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Czech! We still need some more people, so if you're interested, feel free to swing by and audition for something!

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kiss me, kate [21 Oct 2006|10:00pm]

My Gilbert and Sullivan company is holding auditions for "Kiss Me, Kate," and they ask for two contrasting songs from the show or something similar. Rock musicals are not acceptable. I have some sheet music from KMK, but can anyone give me some advice on some good audition songs for this show? I'm between a mezzo and an alto, but I can sing up to mid-second soprano (unfortunately, I don't know my range), but somehow I always end up singing the wrong song for my voice.

Thanks in advance!

(cross-posted to broadway and broadwaysinger)
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[02 Sep 2006|08:58pm]

I'm such a theatre dorkCollapse )
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New member - Application [02 Sep 2006|01:34pm]

I'm such a theatre dorkCollapse )
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Hey, newbie here [21 Aug 2006|04:11pm]
Hello, fello theater lovers and obsessers!!!

Wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

I'm Regina, 23, live on Long Island and am in love with Broadway Shows, but am too poor to see them regularly (I'm a working actor)

If anybody is interested, you can check out my latest community NYCacting if you're an actor as well and want to bith/moan/rant, etc. Hope to see you there!

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"be wicked" contest [24 Jul 2006|11:49pm]

This contest sounds wonderful, and I think I'm going to enter, but I'm a little confused about the song clips on the website. Is it only those clips that we are supposed to sing, or can we sing the song in its entirety?

Or maybe I'm just incredibly clueless :)

Thanks in advance!

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My Application [28 Jun 2006|04:18am]

[ mood | content ]

I'm such a theatre dorkCollapse )

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Hello!!! [12 Jun 2006|09:55pm]

I'm such a theatre dorkCollapse )
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Ponder Time! [12 Jun 2006|11:08pm]

[ mood | listless ]

Hey all.

I have to write an essay for my internship at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA and my topic is "Why Great Theatre Matters".

So all you theatre dorks, put your thinking caps on and give me some thoughts, ideas and comments. Go!
And thanks so much!

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